Configuring Your Default Email Address

Canvas allows you to add and/or edit different email addresses for your notifications.  We strongly recommend that you use [email protected] as your default email address as this will provide consistency and ensure that you have access to third party tools through Canvas such as Zoom.

If you don’t already have [email protected] listed as an email address, first add it by clicking on Account at the top left of the red navigation menu and then clicking Settings.

On the far right panel under "Ways To Contact," click on the blue + Email Address link.

The Register Communication window will appear.  Type in your [email protected] and click the blue Register Email button.

We recommend using your [email protected] email address as your default email as it will allow you to use 3rd party integrations such as Zoom seamlessly in Canvas.

The Confirm Email Address window will appear.  An automated email will be sent to the email address you just added.  

If you do not receive it within a reasonable amount of time, check your spam/junk folder first and then if needed click the blue Re-Send Confirmation link to re-send the email.  The email comes from the address [email protected].

Mail - Joseph Mathew - Outlook - Google Chrome

After confirming your email address, click back on Account in the red navigation menu at the far left and then Settings.

Within the "Ways to Contact" panel on the far right, hover your mouse over your [email protected] email  and click the star to the right of the address to set it as your default.  

If your [email protected] email address is in blue and the star does not show up, that means that you did not confirm the address through the automated email.  Return to Connect and click through the confirmation link in the email.

User Settings - Google Chrome

There is no save option.  Your changes will take effect immediately.