Getting Started with Qwickly Attendance

This tool is only available to Rutgers-Newark and RBS Courses

The Qwickly Attendance tool enables faculty to take attendance that is automatically graded in the Canvas Grade book. Instructors can take attendance using an attendance list on screen or allow students to check in on their own browser.

Qwickly Tool Link

The first time you use the tool you will be asked to authorize it. Click "Authorize"

App Login — Mozilla Firefox

Click "Begin Set-Up"

Qwickly Attendance — Mozilla Firefox

Attendance Settings

Qwickly Attendance — Mozilla Firefox
  1. Default Style: Select the default Attendance mode to be displayed when the tool is opened. List, One By One, and Check-in. List will show all of your students in one list.One By One will show your students one at a time. Check-in mode is for students to check in with their devices. You can switch the style for an individual session.
  2. View Preferences: These settings affect how certain information is displayed in the tool.
    • Show Absences on Take Attendance Screen: Student's absent/present will be displayed next to their names.
  3. Grade Center Integration: These settings control the method of grading in the course and allow you to integrate Qwickly attendance with the Canvas Grade Center.
    • No Grade Center Column: Selecting this option doesn't create a grade center column in the Canvas Grade Center or it removes an already existing column. You still can track attendance, but it won't appear in Grades.
    • To create a Grade Center Column, you must choose between Total Points or Per Session. You can set how many total points the attendance column is worth. (Note that the column will not show up in the Grade book until the first attendance is taken)
    • We recommend leaving the No Grade Center Column for Absences button checked so there will be no separate column for absences.
  4. Check In: The Check-in function allows students to check in from their own devices. You can choose to require students to enter a PIN number and limit the number of minutes students have to check in at the beginning of class.
    • Check-in PIN: Setting to require a randomly generated four-digit PIN be entered for Check-in mode.
    • Check-in Timer: Setting to enable a timer for the check in sessions.
  5. Absence Email: You can decide whether or not to send an email to students when they've been marked absent. You can customize the email by changing the language of any of the text not in brackets.
  6. Attendance Statuses: You can control which statuses are used in your class and create custom statuses with custom points.
    • System Statuses On/Off: Turn system statuses on or off for this course
    • Custom Course Statuses: Create your own custom status for this course
    • Order: The order in which the statuses appear when listed in a course
    • Name: The name of the status
    • Points: The percentage value of the points this status is worth
    • Absence: The percentage value of the absence this status is worth
    • Color: The color assigned to the status
    • Delete: Remove a custom-made status
    • Add status: Add a new custom-made status

Click Save Settings to save.