Digital Classroom Technology

The Digital Classrooms are small capacity rooms designed to accommodate a class with between 12 to 50 students. They have a computer on the podium cabinet with a Touch Screen monitor. They have one large projection screens to project video from the podium computer or your laptop.

Through the Touch-Control Panel, the user can select to display the content of either monitor on one or all of the display screens available. Touch and drag the source video to the preferred screen, and it will be displayed.

The podium has a large touch screen control panel to operate all of the Audio Visual equipment in the room.


To project content from the Computer to the screen, follow these steps.

  1. Turn on the Computer
  2. Log in with your NetID
  3. Touch the Touch Control Panel to wake it up

4. Wait for the AV system to warm up

5. Select your display sources from here by touching the appropriate button.

Choices are Podium Computer Left or Right Display Monitors’ contents, Connected Laptop, Airmedia content from a wireless device, or Document camera content.

6. Use the Display Control Screen to blank the projector and or raise the screen to access the black/white board.

7. When finished using the AV equipment please use the Green Button to reset the AV system.