Start the projector manually

1. In the control panel, click Display Controls.

2. Click the On button to start up your projector.

3. Click the Blank button to blank your projector's screen completely.

The Video Blank button will blank out the video without the need for turning off the whole AV system. This is useful for privacy or writing on the whiteboard.

4. Click Off to turn your projector off.

5. Click Up to roll your screen back up.

6. Click Down to roll your projector's screen down.

In-person individual training is available upon request.  Please email [email protected] with your availability as well as what classroom you are teaching in so that we can try to schedule your training in your specific room or a comparable one.

If you are experiencing issues in the RU-N classrooms, please reach out to 973-353-1713 or email [email protected] with your contact info, building and room info, and a description of the issue.