Editing Captions

Starting in May of 2018, any video uploaded through Blackboard using My Media (Kaltura) or directly at https://ru-stream.rutgers.edu is automatically captioned by Cielo24 using automatic speech recognition (ASR) within several hours. By default, the captions are not displayed within your video as you will need to review the captions and make any necessary edits.  In order to edit captions, you must own the video or be given co-editor access to the video.

From the Main page in Blackboard, click on My Media.

Click on the video that you would like to review.

From the Actions menu, select Caption Requests.

Click Edit.

Click into the caption field and make corrections. In this example the automated caption shows "really designed" rather than "redesigned".

Make any additional corrections and click Save to save your current work and continue.

Additional options include adjusting timing or identifying speakers.

Review the Hotkeys and Shortcuts to be more efficient.

When edits are complete, click the Approve button to save and submit the changes.