Drag and Drop Files

The new Drag and Drop feature allows you to drag files directly from your computer to the "hot spot" in the Attach Files area in a number of tools including the following:

  • Assignments - creation and submission
  • Create Item
  • Create Web Link
  • Create Blank Page
  • Content Collection
  • Journal and Blog Entries

From within your course, click on a content area such as Course Documents or Assignments from the course menu.  From the Build Content or Assessments menu, select an action such as Create Item.  

Locate the file on your computer drag it to the Attach Files section denoted by the dashed lines.  The section will turn purple indicating the file is in the correct location.  You can select and drag multiple files in one process.

The file will be listed under the Attached files section.  You can rename the Link Title or set a File Action if needed.  You can add more files by dragging them to the hot spot if needed.  If you selected the wrong file, you can click the Do not attach link.  A pop-up confirmation will be displayed before removing the file.