How do I Modify the Attendance Status in Qwickly?

What is the Attendance Status and How Can I Customize it?

Customizing the Status Grid

You can create statuses like Late, Athletic Event or even Out Sick. Each status supports having some percentage of an absence or points or both. Here are some examples of how they work:

  • Present is worth 100% of the days points, and is 0% of an absence
  • Absent is worth 0% of the days points and 100% of an absence
  • Late or Excused could be worth 90% of the days points, and be considered 33% of an absent (3 tardies = 1 absence)

Once you are under the Attendance Settings, scroll down the page to Attendance Staus.

Customizing my Qwickly Attendance Status

You can customize and modify your attendance Status under settings in Qwickly by adding or adjusting the current statuses. Each status supports having some percentage of an absence or points, or both.

Click inside the Order, Name, Points and Color you'd like add and begin typing in the space.

To Delete a course status, click on the X in the Delete column.

To add another status, Click the Add Status button to open up a new blank row

After you have made any Modifications, Save your settings.

Note: (That the default settings for the Attendance Status may not be customizable depending on the institution)